Finding the best defense base for town hall 7?


Here are the brand new bases for level 7 town hall base 2023.


All the bases are anti-everything and could not be beaten on any clan war. All the war base link is given below the base layouts.


Below shows all the clash of clans bases for th7.

best th7 war base

CC Troops :

Just keep in mind that it will be good if you do some changes to the base after copying the layout.
town hall 7 war base

CC Troops :

This base can defend against air attacks like dragon and ballon, also defense against ground attack like Gowipe, Hog, etc.

best town hall 7 base

CC Troops :

If you analyze this base, the town hall is kept outside of the base so that the attacker gets only one star, and you get a shield for 12 hrs, so it helps us for trophy pushing.

This kind of strategy was used previously. Now no one uses these strategies. When no one is using it, then we should use it.

best th7 base

CC Troops :

GoWiPe is a good strategy. I’m not sure if that’s TH8 or 9, though.
That’s a golem, wizards, Pekka (plus a few wall breakers, probably).
Or just the good ol’ dragon spam with some rage spells.

& I think someone answered this already, but always focus on offense when you upgrade townhall before you focus on defense.

I.E., upgrade spell factory, lab, troops, etc., before focusing on your cannons, archer towers, etc.

It’s also beneficial for war match-ups because your opponent is matched with you based on your defensive score.

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To know about all the patch notes of the new updates here is the link.

Best Town Hall 7 Base Layouts

Clash of Clans new summer update 

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