For Town Hall, I got a nice Hybrid Base here for you that will protect your Trophies, your precious Dark Elixir and Win War Battles as well. We are going to come up with the best clash of clans town hall base designs 2022 with a copy link. We are going to have a look at the good farming, hybrid and war base designs of the town hall. All the updated bases are posted here so you can get the best defense to push for a trophy or protect your loot or win a war. In Finite Gamer Base you will get all kind of bases with copy link and we have latest design layouts

Finite Gamer builder hall bases

Builder Base layouts need to be up to date because the technique how your opponent attacks adapt a lot faster than you would know from your, Home Village Go through the top and best builder hall 9 base layouts. We have created this base designs by getting inspiration from various famous bases at builder hall 7 and builder hall 8. Here I gathered for you some fresh and well-working Builder Base designs you can use. All the updated bases are posted here so you can get the best defense to push for a trophy. All the bases are anti 1 star, anti 2 stars so its very difficult to get 3 stars even in low defense. I hope these will be helpful for you.

Here you will find best bh9 base for trophy pushing in clash of clans.
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Best bh7 base which is anti 2 star and hep you to win battle.
Best BH6 base which is anti everything.
Find best anti 1 star base here for bh5
Some awesome base to win in battle for coc.


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