Builder Base

All the above bases are updated weekly which will help you for trophy pushing.

Here you will find all builder hall bases like bh4, bh5, bh6, bh7, bh8, bh9 & bh10.

In the night village, you have to protect your builder hall so the opponents get only 1 star.

All the bases I have made are anti 2 star, anti 3 star bases. Some bases are used by top players. Before copying the base from the internet you have to change a little bit.

Upgrading in the builder base is a very slow process and matchmaking is not so good. If you are bh8 then the opponents in versus battle will come bh9. So it’s very important to max out your base in clash of clans.

Bases done after CoC Versus Battle Update with New Troops and Buildings like Crusher, Multi Mortar, Push Trap, Cannon Cart, Bomber, Battle Machine aka New Hero, Gem Mine, Clock Tower etc.

In builder base most common attack strategies are sneaky archer in builder hall 4, raged barbarian with boxer giant in builder hall 5 , baby dragon in builder hall 6, witch slap in builder hall 7, dropship with meta minions in builder hall 8, pekka and hog glider in builder hall 9, electrofire wizard and builder base xbow in builder hall 10.

In Builder Hall Base Design is very important in Versus Battles. It Does not matter how good you are at attacking because half of your success comes from defense. All the base is very Good if are also low level defense. 

I used all of them myself for at least 10 Versus Battles to see how they perform. All the base works great you can have a try. Some more builder hall bases layouts will be updated weekly.