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Town Hall 9 Base Layouts: Farming/War/Trophy


Town Hall 9 Base Link 2024

town hall 9 war base copy link
Town Hall 9 War Base Copy Link
town hall 9 farming base
Town Hall 9 Farming Base With Copy Link
town hall 9 best defence base
Town Hall 9 Best Defence Base
town hall 9 base copy link
Town Hall 9 Base Copy Link
town hall 9 war base 2021
Town Hall 9 War Base
th9 trophy pushing base
TH9 Trophy Pushing Base
TH9 War Base with Link
TH9 War Base with Link
town hall 9 War Base Link
Town Hall 9 War Base Link
TH9 Farming Base copy Link
TH9 Farming Base Links
TH9 dark elixir Farming Base 2020
TH9 Trophy Base
Best Town Hall 9 Base 2020
Best Town Hall 9 Base
TH9 War Base anti everything
TH9 War Base Anti Everything
Top 3 Best TH9 Farming Base ** Links ** | Anti Everything | Clash of Clans
TH9 Farming Base Link 2020
TH9 Farming Base Link
town hall level 9 base
Town Hall Level 9 Base
town hall 9 war base
Town Hall 9 War Base
th9 war base
TH9 War Base
th9 war base link
TH9 War Base Link
th9 war base copy link
TH9 War Base Copy Link
th9 trophy base
TH9 Trophy Base
th9 farming base
TH9 Farming Base
th9 base link
TH9 Base Link
th9 base layout
TH9 Base Layout
coc town hall 9
COC Town Hall 9
coc town hall 9 base
COC Town Hall 9 Base
coc th9
coc th9 war base
COC TH9 War Base
coc th9 base
COC TH9 Base
clash of clans th9 war base
Clash of Clans TH9 War Base
best town hall 9 base
Best Town Hall 9 Base
best th9 war base
Best TH9 War Base
best th9 base
TH9 War Base Anti Everything


The Best Defense is a Good Offense. From time to time, our players create more complicated bases. They are eager to create a stronghold Town Halls for their Wars. As we roam around some War Clans, we collected the most outstanding War Bases. Some of these Bases are tested through Friendly Challenges and some are through consecutive wars. Of course, these are all Anti 3 Stars Bases. Feel free to grab some and use it in your Clan. As mentioned in the beginning, if you have a ring base layout you should abandon that – it’s not up to date anymore and easy to beat. Use one of these fresh base layouts; especially the first farming base layout serves me well when farming Dark Elixir.

In this clash of clans summer update supercell has a ton of new content like Troops – Headhunter, Super Super Troops: Inferno Dragon and Super Witch, New Upgrade Levels, Sceneries, etc.

To know about all the patch notes of new update here is the link.

Clash of Clans new summer update 

 Finite Gamer

Just for fun

SC makes your 1st trip to Masters & Champs tuff! Especially when you are pushing hard with lower-level T/H levels. You have to pick your targets with extreme caution! Avoid anything that has even a remote chance of not getting a star. But rest assured, once you have the strength in troops/spells & heroes that come at higher levels, you will fight harder to try to stay below Masters & Champs than you did to get there the 1st time! 

I tried pushing for Champions midway through Th10. It wasn’t very pleasant. I had to attack every 20 minutes for an entire week because I only got paired with Th11 or Th12. I got like nine trophies every attack if lucky. Don’t try to push so high if your base isn’t developed, and it will be harder to get resources.

It comes down to matchmaking and trophy deciding. Matchmaking is agreed on a few factors: Trophies, league, and town hall level. Matchmaking is straightforward. The game tries to find you with the same town hall with a rough amount of trophies in the same league.

If your league is too low or too high if you’re trophy pushing, then the game gives you what’s around. This is why so many high town halls are in lower leagues due to farming.

The amount of trophies you can win, or lose, is through this matchmaking. The lower the trophies you can win, the “weaker” the base is, but you lose more trophies if you fail the attack. The higher the trophies, the “stronger” the base is, but you lose fewer trophies if you fail.

This is why you’re losing 53 trophies in a defence. A higher town hall, says Town Hall 10, sees a potential 53 trophies to win and see you’re town hall 8 grinding their way to Master’s league. They see this as a golden opportunity to erase some of the work you’ve done and make it better for themselves.

I never trophy pushed toward higher leagues cause the bases do get more challenging the higher you go. When I’m farming and hanging out in the gold league, I sometimes find a lower town hall pushing to a higher league with 40+ trophies you can win. Loot or not, I take them down and erase their progress to agitate them.

It’s how it is. You might want to get used to dropping a ton of trophies on defence if you’re pushing.

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