Clash of Clans New Update 2023

BUILDER base Update

Here you will get all the clash of clans new update.

You will get an update of the latest clash of clans updates like Town Hall, Troops, Builders, Hero Skin, Scenery, Builder hall, Etc.

Builder base update April 2023

If you’re an avid player of Clash of Clans, you may have noticed that a new hero, the battle copter, has been added in the Builder Base update. Along with this, there are now troop abilities that you’ll need to understand to maximize your six-star attacks and loot gains. 

As you progress through the game and reach Builder Hall 6, you’ll unlock a second village with several new buildings, including the battle copter and the reworked battle machine.You can alternate between two heroes before launching an attack; however, only one hero can be utilized during the battle as the master builder controls them. 

builder base OTTO

Suppose you choose the ground battle machine for your initial assault and obtain a three-star victory, while the battle machine endures with newly acquired hero abilities. The abilities will automatically activate in that case, capitalizing on the machine’s recuperative capabilities. If the battle machine wasn’t in full health at the end of the attack, that’s where you’ll start if you decide to continue using it.

Alternatively, you can switch to the battle copter, which would be at full health since it has not been deployed yet. If your battle machine doesn’t survive the first stage but still manages to three-star the base in the second village, you can still use the battle copter, which would also have full HP. 

builder base battle copter (1)

The same principle applies to troops. Any surviving troops from the first stage will transfer to the second stage and receive healing thanks to the new healing hook unlocked at Builder Hall 6. Upgrading this hook will give your troops the maximum amount of healing. 

The second village also brings Otto’s Outpost, where you’ll find the second builder for the Builder Base. Destroying it will earn you a star, but be aware that there are defending Zappies stationed underneath it. Another new building is the reinforcement camp, which acts like an army camp and provides an extra slot for troops. However, you can only access this once you reach the second stage.

Reinforcement troops have their abilities, but any new troop abilities from the first stage will transfer to the second. Certain troops possess abilities that can be used multiple times during both battle stages, but to make the most of them, you must understand how to use them strategically. 

Let’s look at some of these abilities starting with the raged Barbarian. By understanding how these new features work, you can become a more efficient and successful player in Clash of Clans. So, get ready to maximize your six-star attacks and loot gains! 

builder base battle copter IN clash of clans

April Update - Town Hall 14

Town hall 14 is soon coming in clash of clans new update.

Here you will get to know all the details of the latest update for the clash of clans of th14.

I will tell you everything you should know about town hall 14 and reveal some exciting updates in COC.

Ready with your town hall 13 to upgrade into town hall 14. 

To upgrade town hall 14, you will require 16M Gold, and it takes 20 days to upgrade.

Town hall level 14 is a jungle theme, and as you can see above, there is a Giga inferno. When you destroy the town hall, it will release a Giga blast which is a poison spell in the end.

There are five levels in th14, below shows how much damage it can give to each level.

Here is the Image of all the level for th14

  • Town hall 14 level 1
  • Town hall 14 level 2
  • Town hall 14 level 3
  • Town hall 14 level 4
  • Town hall 14 level 5

This is also called Town Hall 14 Giga Inferno.

Clash of Clans Update Leaked – The builder’s hut

No one is talking about the new builder’s hut. Below is the Image of the new builder huts looks. 

New Hero Levels

town hall 14 hero level

All the heroes will have extra five levels in th14, and the damage will also increase.

  • Barbarian King Level 80 
  • Archer Queen Level 80 
  • Grand Warden Level 55 
  • Royal Champion Level 30 

New Building Levels

All the new builders will be jungle style.


Let’s see one by one all the new builders upgrade time and cost.


I will also give you an upgrade guide for town hall 14.

1. Clan castle

th14 update

After upgrading clan castle, the next priority is labs because it will help you in war/ clan war.

2. Laboratory

You should always update your clan castle first. With this new clan castle, you can now have one more spell.

3. Dark Elixir Storage

th14 dark elixir

It will take 12M elixir and 15 days to upgrade.

4. Gold Storage

th14 gold storage

It will take 6M elixir and 12 days to upgrade.

5. Elixir Storage

th14 elixir storage

It will take 6M gold and 12 days to upgrade.

Let’s now see the defence upgrade level.

6. Level 5 Eagle Artillery

town hall 14 eagle artillery

Eagle artillery is also a jungle theme.

It will take 20M gold and 20 days to upgrade.

7. Level 15 Walls

th14 walls

You will get 25 extra walls.

8. Level 3 Scattershots

town hall 14 scattershot

It will take 19M gold and 19 days to upgrade.

9. Level 8 Inferno Tower

town hall 14 inferno

It will take 19M gold and 19 days to upgrade.

10. Level 20 Cannon, Level 13 Hidden tesla Level 9 Bomb Tower

Hidden Tesla is looking awesome.

You should always update your clan castle first. With this new clan castle, you can now have one more spell.

New Troops/Spell Levels
  • Level 10 Barbarian
  • Level 10 Archer
  • Level 10 Wall Breaker
  • Level 7 Healer
  • Level 8 Baby Dragon
  • Level 10 Minion
  • Level 9 Valkyrie
  • Level 6 Ice Golem
  • Level 7 Clone
  • Level 8 Poison
When is a clash of clans new update?

Whenever there’s an announcement of a new update in clash of clans, the updates come within a week. So I think the latest update of the clash of clans will be on 11th April 2021

Clash of Clans Update – 11th April 2021.

If you are looking for base layouts for town hall 14, here is the link:

Town Hall 14 Farming Base (TH14)

Town Hall 14 War Base (TH14)

Town Hall 14 Trophy Base (TH14)


The Best Defense is a Good Offense. From time to time, our players create more complicated bases. They are eager to create a stronghold Town Halls for their Wars. As we roam around some War Clans, we collected the most outstanding War Bases. Some of these Bases are tested through Friendly Challenges and some are through consecutive wars. Of course, these are all Anti 3 Stars Bases. Feel free to grab some and use it in your Clan. As mentioned in the beginning, if you have a ring base layout you should abandon that – it’s not up to date anymore and easy to beat. Use one of these fresh base layouts; especially the first farming base layout serves me well when farming Dark Elixir.

To know about all the patch notes of new update here is the link.

Clash of Clans new summer update